Too Dumb to Notice

I held onto something that never really mattered

Stuck on that starting line

I’m still silently, quietly hoping you’ll end up with me


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an excerpt

he needed a suitable someone.
someone who wouldn’t use conversation with him as a mere appetizer for drinks, but would open up to stories about their childhood.
someone who was neither too glib, nor too taciturn.
someone who would neither ignore his gestures, nor intend to settle down with him uninvited.
someone who wouldn’t much concern themselves with the crown of importance given to titles.
someone shrewd, just like the wind that blew as sultry waves in the heat, and chilly drafts in the cold.
someone who’d be taller than his ankles, but shorter than the backs of his knees.

he needed someone suitable, like this.


an excerpt from Kim Jonghyun’s novel. Chapter 4 – Leave Me and Go